Houston Finally Learns How To Recycle -- Through Dance

You can catch one of the most spontaneous and eclectic events of the season this weekend at The Recycle Club. It's a combination of dancing, speaking, singing, and video projection in what choreographer Karen Stokes calls "a theatrical re-mix."

Stokes, who has been working as a dancer and choreographer in Houston for more than eleven years, has selected dance phrases and sequences of movement from pieces that have been previously performed. But more than just repeating the previous performance, Stokes has reinterpreted them.

New staging and costumes have been added along with new lighting and music. Performers include Karen Stokes and Travesty Dance Group members Kara Ary, Teresa Chapman, Mechelle Flemming, Erica Lewis, Catalina Molnari and special guests Farrell Dyde & Roberta Stokes, Yahudi Castaneda & Richard Lyders-Gustafson.

Audience members are invited to donate clothing for the performance just before show time -- dancers will pick their costumes from the pile of cast-offs in a pre-show improvisation. 8 p.m. Friday preview and Saturday performance. Barnevelder Theater, 2201 Preston. For information, visit The Recycle Club. $15 to $35.
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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.