Houston Gets Another Final Four

They held a press conference yesterday to announce that Houston is getting another Final Four. In 2016.

That's a long way away, but you take what you can get.

But Dallas, of all places, will get one before us. The plan is to play in Jerry Jones' billion-dollar Cowboys stadium in 2014.

The NCAA basketballers will have to settle for dowdy old Reliant Stadium when they come here. The place successfully hosted regionals last year and will host the Final Four in 2011.

Which seems to indicate that Houston has solidly put itself into the regular rotation for the big event, which isn't quite the Super Bowl but is a bigger deal than the NBA Finals.

Houston has held one other Final Four, back in the Stone Age at the Astrodome. We've yet to experience one since the event exploded into the extravaganza it is these days.

Now it's just up to UH and Rice to get past the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight.

-- Richard Connelly

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