Houston Gets Three Spots In The Decade's Pantheon Of Great New York Post Headlines

Even if you have no idea what Phil Mushnick and Andrea Peyser have in common (answer: they're both New York Post columnists), you're probably aware of the great and noble tradition of tasteless, eye-grabbing headlines written by the New York tabloid.

"Headless Body in Topless Bar" and all that.

The Post is celebrating the end of the decade by picking its best heds from the past 10 years, and surprisingly enough, for a paper that cares little about what happens to non-celebrities west of the Hudson, Houston is involved in three of them.

Sadly, none are as good as "V-D DAY," the huge hed that announced Paris Hilton's release from jail, or "HO NO" to anchor the paper's Eliot Spitzer coverage.

But still, three out of 50 is a better batting average than just about any city not named New York, Washington or LA.

You can pretty much guess which three Houston stories received the honor.

There's the Enron story, of course:

And the Janet Jackson nip flash at Reliant:

And, finally, a little domestic  disturbance you may have heard about:

This beats Dallas, Phoenix, Miami and Chicago combined. Way to go, Houston.

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