Houston Government Email Addresses Found In Ashley Madison Data Dump

After holding hacked email account information over the heads of 32 million nervous adulterers, the Ashley Madison hackers dumped the data on the dark web this week. 

Now is when things get interesting (or, depending on your perspective, terrifying). 

The Houston Chronicle points to someone at a security blog called Salted Hash who compiled a list of Ashley Madison accounts that signed up using government email addresses — a list that just so happens to include five houstontx.gov email addresses, though we haven't been able to find out exactly who those email addresses belong to yet. 

It's not much of a shock that some government employees are unfaithful spouses (they're human), but it is pretty shocking that any would be reckless enough to use their government email addresses to sign up for such a sketchy website. 

Houston had the most government email addresses among Texas cities. There were also two sugarlandtx.gov email accounts and one missouricitytx.gov account. Accounts ranging from Caldwell to Garland to the Texas Department of Transportation were also found in the trove of stolen website data. 

Another thing about the list of government email addresses found in the Ashley Madison hack: military email domains were listed way more than any other government address, reaching well into the thousands. According to the online security blogger Steve Ragan, who published a list of government domains found in the Ashley Madison hack this week, there  were also 44 whitehouse.gov, 33 state.gov, and 28 nasa.gov accounts listed. 

If you really want to, you can search the list for your favorite cities or branches of government on your own here.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.