Houston Group Helps Fight Against Old People Having Sex

No one wants to think about old people having sex, except maybe old people. And even then they probably think of themselves having sex with much younger people.

But -- incredibly, unimaginably -- the most recent issue of the magazine of the American Association of Retired People contained an advertisement for "Better Sex" videos.

This outrageous scandal alarmed someone at the Houston group known as the Centers for Decency. The thing to do was absolutely clear: he group contacted Robert Peters, president of the group called Morality in Media.

Peters dashed off a letter.

It appears that Peters isn't so much objecting to eldersex per se as he is to the company that puts out the Better Sex videos (videos which, we're guessing, are as titillating as a Hallmark movie).

Even assuming that the "Better Sex" video series and other Institute "adult sex education" films are not "dirty movies," there would still be a problem for mainstream publications that carry ads for BetterSex.com - namely, that BetterSex.com doesn't just promote "adult sex education" materials. It also promotes commercially distributed pornographic movies.

In addition to finding links for the Better Sex Video Series and "Adult Sex Education," if you go to the www.bettersex.com website and click to "Adult Movies," you will also find a large collection of pornographic films with titles like these: "Wives: A Voyeur's Diary," "Bound," "Penthouse Variations: Tied Up," "Guide to Bondage," "Latina Hollywood Hookers," "The Accidental Hooker," "Complete Addiction," "Better Sex Video Series & Playgirl: Playing Dirty," "Headmaster," "Kinky Cock-Tales," "Dude: That's My Mom," "Love Squirts," "Penthouse Letters: My Neighbors' Wives," "Guide to Spanking," "The Perfect Orgy," and "Smut Peddler."

We can only guess how often researchers had to view these videos to determine whether they were pornographic or not.

Anyway, old people, if your sex life starts going down the tubes, blame Houston's Centers for Decency.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.