Houston Has A Good Recycling Idea? Unpossible!

Strange as it may seem, Houston -- The City That Recycling Forgot -- has implemented a nifty new program that helps the environment.

Two weeks ago it opened a Houston Building Materials Reuse Center that helps contractors pick up environmental brownie points and save money, and lets non-profit groups get a chance at some needed construction materials.

Contractors drop off excess material at the warehouse, "which benefits them in three ways: 1) eliminates landfill fees, 2) provides a tax deductible donation, and 3) provides LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification points," says city spokeswoman Sandra Jackson.

Non-profit groups then can come in and see what's available and take it away.

The warehouse's website elaborates:

More than one-third of the waste stream in the Houston area is made up of construction and demolition material, much of which could be diverted and re-used. By storing the materials until they can be used by community groups, the Warehouse will keep these valuable resources out of our local landfills.

What can be donated? "Cabinets, copper, doors, electrical fixtures and equipment, fans, flooring material, glass, gutters, hardware, lighting, lumber, metal, mirrors, pipe, plumbing, plywood, roofing material, screens, sheetrock, sinks, showers, trim, tubs, wall coverings, or windows (No paint!)"

The warehouse is located near North Main and Crosstimbers. Check the site for hours.

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Richard Connelly
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