Houston Hurricane Reporting, or Maybe We're Not All Gonna Die

We tend to do some

Houston Chronicle

bashing on this site sometimes, mostly with good reason. But right now we’d like to give them a tip of the ol’ hat.

Hurricane season has finally arrived in full force, with a wimpy Erin staggering into Corpus Christi and, more ominously, Hurricane Dean possibly heading towards the Gulf.

It’s actually become kind of funny how every TV weathercaster now takes great pains to say how they are not hyping anything before they go on to hype something. (Some, like KPRC’s Frank Billingsley, pride them selves on not hyping at all.) Check out the defensiveness by KTRK’s Tim Heller in this blog entry.

Anyway, there is one place where you can avoid hurricane hype and still get solid information, and that’s on a Chron blog.

Science writer Eric Berger knows his stuff and he’s willing to speculate how a storm might actually miss us rather than piling on possible reasons why it will slam right into Galveston.

The comments by readers are usually knowledgeable, too.

It’s worth checking out, if you’re a nervous weather watcher these days. – Richard Connelly

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