Houston In A Murder Slump

What's happened to murder in Houston?

Typically, only a couple of days go by without someone offing someone else. But it's been nine days since the last murder, and even that was a dead body found. Who knows when the murder actually happened? (Investigators, we hope.)

The last murder that didn't involve finding an abandoned dead body was two weeks ago. (There have been, since then, several intoxication-manslaughter deaths which count in our Bayou Body Count series, but we're talking here strictly about hot-blooded or cold-blooded taking of a life.)

Why the slump?

1. Everyone's wrapped up in the Astros' race for the pennant. Possible, we guess. If we were a city of deluded idiots.

2. New mayor Annise Parker has all but eradicated crime in her first six months in office. Take that, Obama!

3. Lady Gaga's tour stop was magical. The build-up to it, the actual event, the aftermath -- who could think of murder?

4. The NRA was right, and all our gun rights have been taken away. Quiet-like, though, so's we didn't even notice.

5. It's too fucking hot. We might have our answer.....

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