Houston in Top 10 Move Destinations in U.S., But Behind Dallas

For the second straight year, Houston is ranked sixth on Penske Truck Rental's list of most popular move destinations of 2013. This is not surprising given both how economically friendly the city is and how freaking bad ass we are -- just ask like everyone ever.

But, some of the other locations on the list make us wonder if we want to be associated with such a thing. Sure, Denver (9), Chicago (8) and Seattle (7) seem like lovely places. But we also got saddled with Las Vegas (10 -- lot of strippers must have graduated last year) -- Phoenix (5 -- aka Desertgolfcoursia), Orlando (4 -- great, everyone wants to live at Disneyland), Tampa/Sarasota (2 -- why couldn't they combine us with Beaumont to improve our ranking) and Atlanta, which took the number one spot despite no one knowing exactly why.

Then there is the No. 3 spot on the list: Dallas. Need we even explain our dismay? They were No. 2 in 2012, so they slipped a bit. Maybe, it was yet another disaster of a season from the Cowboys. Maybe the price of silicone went up. Who knows with these things?

The list was culled from one-way moves by Penske, which could mean that people aren't moving to some of these place to live but simply to deliver things they don't want like nuclear waste and anti-immigration conservatives -- those would explain Vegas and Phoenix anyway.

Still, we have to tip our hat to Dallas. And frankly, the last thing we really need are more people, particularly if they had Dallas on their original "possible move to" list.

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