There's opportunity in them thar skyscrapers.
There's opportunity in them thar skyscrapers.

Houston Is an International "City of Opportunity"

A big new report by PwC, which used to be PriceWaterhouseCoopers, says Houston is one of 26 "Cities of Opportunity" in the world today.

The only other American cities: New York, LA, Chicago and San Francisco. Pretty classy company.

We came in 11th when a wide range of factors such as air pollution, business opportunities, transportation costs and other stuff were taken into account. (The methodology, for all you survey nerds, can be found here.)

The top 10:

1. New York 2. Toronto 3. San Francisco 4. Stockholm 5. Sydney 6. London 7. Chicago 8. Paris 9. Singapore 10. Hong Kong

The report, which is quite extensive, also features interviews with Rem Koolhaus, Mort Zuckerman and a bunch of city-planning and business types.

Take the opportunity (ha-ha!) to read it if you can.

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