Houston Is Great For Relocating Singles, Allegedly

What's the best city in Texas to relocate to if you're single? Houston.

Suck on that, Temple!

The bad news: Houston is only the 23rd-best city in America for a relocating single dude or dudette.

This no-doubt-highly-scientific information comes from Primacy Relocation, which deals with such things.

The study looked at the usual demographic stats, plus "Quality-of-Life Criteria: Adventure index -- Prevalence of restaurants, bars, health clubs, sporting events and concerts; Percentage of population utilizing online dating and subscribing to magazines geared towards singles," as they put it.

And they looked at how hard it might be to get on your feet right away:

Unlike other "best" surveys, the ERC/Primacy Best Cities for Relocating Singles survey measures the issues impacting a newcomer's experience in the weeks and months immediately following a transfer. This year's survey placed an increased emphasis on those economic factors most affecting singles, including an area's unemployment rate, percentage of recent job growth and availability of affordable rental housing.

Still, the fifth-best city was Edison, N.J. As in New Jersey.

We've been there. And we were single at the time. We didn't feel an urge to relocate there.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.