Houston Is Hot: Forbes Names Houston the Coolest City in America (Duh)

We saw the headline late yesterday afternoon on Forbes.com: Houston Tops Our List Of America's Coolest Cities To Live.

No shit, Sherlock. Us die-hard Houstonians have been saying that for a long time. I mean, haven't you guys heard of Houston: It's Worth It? We've even done our own list, 50 Reasons Texas Is the Best State in America. But now the national media gets a whiff of what we're about and it suddenly makes news.

Truth be told, these lists come out all the time. And they're always touting some mundane (important, but mundane) thing about Houston, like housing prices or the economy. Even the Forbes story gets a few digs in before mentioning that a 2.6 percent growth in jobs last year led to an influx of hip, young new Houstonians. Did you know the average age of a Houston resident is only 33 years old?

That's why, according to Forbes, our city is also a hotspot for foodies, theater and art lovers and all things multicultural. But you don't have to take some stuffy magazine's word for it. Houston residents have known the same for some time.

(Incidentally, a few other Texas cities popped up on the list: Austin was at 19, Fort Worth was 13, San Antonio was 11 and Dallas was 4.)

We asked our Facebook followers what made Houston so awesome. Check out the best responses below, and feel free to leave your reasons why Houston is awesome in the comments.

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