Houston Is One Naughty City...

In this line of business, whenever you pick up the phone and hear an unfamiliar voice say, “Hi, is this a good time?” your heart sinks. It sinks because you’re 90 percent sure the person on the line is about to talk your ear off about the new Applebee’s going up in Kingwood, and wouldn’t that be a great Houston Press feature story? Perhaps a cover? But now and then, you get a keeper.

This morning, I took a call from one “Dan Cohen with AXE.” After I told him that yes, this was a good time, he informed me that “Houston girls are some of the naughtiest in the country.” He went on to tell me that Houston has the second highest percentage of women willing to be handcuffed or blindfolded during sex. Dan Cohen with AXE didn’t even bother to say what the specific product tie-in for the survey was, and I appreciated that. It was the most worthwhile call I’ve taken in weeks.

He followed up our little chat with an email, and boy I’m glad he did. Did you know that more than half of women have gone to a bar without any undies on? Consider yourself informed.

Unfortunately, despite Houston women’s liberality when it comes to cuffs, in the ranking of ten U.S. cities, listed Naughtiest to Nicest, Houston came in at only No. 6. We were beat out by Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Atlanta (?) and Phoenix (???). The good news? We beat out Dallas (No. 7)! – Cathy Matusow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.