Houston Just Shy of 2.1 Million; Parker Will Still Push for Two More Council Seats

Houston, if you only had more unprotected sex, you might be guaranteed two more city council members.

The city charter requires that two more single member districts be created when the city's population hits 2.1 million. The figures are in, and the 2010 Census pegs us at...2,099,451.

Short by 549. But fear not.

"I am quite surprised by the numbers because all indications were that we had already reached a population of 2.1 million residents," Mayor Annise Parker said. "Because we are so close to that threshold, we are proceeding as planned with redistricting and the addition of two new City Council seats. As part of this process, we have adopted a timeline and scheduled public meetings in each council district. In addition, today, I appointed a special mayor's committee to advise me as we proceed."

We don't doubt that some people were dutifully buying condoms in an effort to prevent having to deal with more single-district council members, but come on, people, you never know what entertainment you might get.

Each single-district member would represent about 190,000 residents.

The current make-up is nine single-district members and five at-large members.

The members of Parker's committee:

The Honorable Zinetta Burney Penny Hess Butler Anthony Hall, Chair Roman Martinez Mace Meeks Gordon Quan Pat Sanchez Adolfo Santos Sue Schechter

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.