Sean McIntosh, 39, faces two felony sexual assault charges.
Sean McIntosh, 39, faces two felony sexual assault charges.
Photo courtesy of the Harris County Sheriff's Office

Former Houston KFC Manager Charged With Raping 16-Year-Old Employee

A former manager of an Humble Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant has been charged with two counts of sexual assault of a minor after a former 16-year-old employee came forward to complain, saying the man raped her dozens of times at the restaurant, in his car or behind a dumpster.

Sean McIntosh, 39, was arrested Tuesday following an 11-month investigation by the Houston Police Department into the teenage girl's complaints. The girl also sued McIntosh and Kentucky Fried Chicken last December over the alleged assaults, accusing KFC management of acting recklessly, given the girl says she tried to report McIntosh to superiors but they did nothing about it. Other KFC employees at the 3130 FM 1960 location were also sued by another former female KFC worker in June, who said she was raped by a different employee. She said she complained to McIntosh, who also did nothing and allegedly instead also pressured her. He and KFC are also defendants in that lawsuit.

"We are happy there’s been an arrest, because it shows authorities are taking our client’s claims seriously," said attorney George Edwards, representing the girl who made the first outcry leading to criminal charges. "Due to the nature of this abuse and outright rape, there’s not gonna be anything that will ever fully quote-unquote 'fix' our client, but I know there’s going to be a lot of mental health treatment she’ll need just to help her cope with the abuse and the rape."

According to the first lawsuit filed against McIntosh, the 16-year-old girl began working at the KFC in September 2013. She said the abuse began shortly after, and continued for 11 months. McIntosh, in his mid-30s then, allegedly pressured the girl into having sex with him in his office, then later in hotels, or his car, or even outside by the dumpster. Despite the teen's fears of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, according to the lawsuit McIntosh wouldn't wear a condom and would often corner the girl in a tight office space, then take off her clothes against her will.

The girl quit after she started refusing his advances and began to feel physically threatened, according to the suit.

In the second lawsuit, another 16-year-old girl claims another employee raped her while she was cleaning the bathroom. It also accuses McIntosh of exposing himself to her and attempting to pressure her into performing oral sex on him.

Both suits claim that just from looking at McIntosh's Facebook page, his worldview of women doesn't exactly amount to one of respect. Here's a few excerpts of the stuff attorneys pulled from his page:

"November 9, 2012: "(WOMAN SAYS) My gynecologist says I can't have sex for 2 weeks...." (MAN SAYS): What did your dentist say?"

September 22, 2013: "True love is, when he holds your hair back while you're giving him a blowjob."

January 6, 2014: "I came here to flip cars and get bitches....AND I'M ALL OUT OF CARS."

Edwards said a trial is set for January for the first lawsuit.

McIntosh's attorney in the civil case, Chaz Klaes, declined to comment.

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