After HPD's Largest Kush Bust Yet, Harris County Moves to Shut Down Another Smoke Shop

This is what 550 pounds of kush looks like.
This is what 550 pounds of kush looks like. Courtesy of Houston Police Department
This is what 550 pounds of kush looks like. - COURTESY OF HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT
This is what 550 pounds of kush looks like.
Courtesy of Houston Police Department
Just after the Houston Police Department announced its largest kush bust yet, the Harris County Attorney's Office is at it again with another lawsuit filed against an unrelated Alief smoke shop slinging the synthetic drug under the counter.

The county has won a restraining order against Smoke & Tote Shop on Bissonnet, blocking the shop from selling kush, after various Houston police investigations yielded arrests from October to February.

In that time frame, police have seized more than 280 grams of kush and recovered weapons including a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver. While often kush busts are the result of sting operations, this time, the Houston Police Department appears to have made no effort to be sneaky, simply showing up and easily catching people selling kush on numerous occasions inside and outside the shop, resulting in arrests for possession of a synthetic cannabinoid on at least five occasions.

The owner of the shop, Sabrina Polkey, is a defendant in the suit, and the county attorney's office claims there's no way Polkey was unaware of what was going on, given the police department's long list of busts. Should the county succeed in the suit, the shop may be shut down permanently.

“My office will continue to work with law enforcement to send the message to store owners and landlords that these dangerous designer drugs will not be tolerated in Harris County,” County Attorney Ryan said in a statement.

Yesterday, Houston police and the Harris County District Attorney's Office announced its largest kush bust yet, seizing 550 pounds of the drug, worth approximately $2.5 million, out of an Alief home. Police also found another ten pounds of kush hidden in other storage units. Mohammed Ebrahim Moton and Ataur Rehman Malik were arrested and charged with delivery of synthetic cannabinoids.

On February 10, investigators conducted an undercover operation at an apartment complex in the 11400 block of Bissonnet, where Moton was observed carrying two large trash bags, later determined to contain kush, and placed them into the trunk of a vehicle parked at the location. Investigators later witnessed Malik approach the vehicle, open the trunk and remove the contents. Malik was then witnessed conducting a narcotics transaction with an unknown individual.

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