Houston Law Firm Involved In Pennsylvania Political Fight, Something That Would Never Happen Here

The Houston law firm of Bailey, Perrin & Bailey is a mega-torts kinda place, ringing up big victories in cases against, as their website puts it, "Phillips Petroleum, British Petroleum, Owens Corning, Dow Chemical, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, Metropolitan Life, Shell, Exxon, and Halliburton to name a few."

Name partner Ken Bailey was part of the legendary Beaumont firm of Provost Umphrey, which dominates Golden Triangle tort claims and also played a big role in the massive tobacco settlement for Texas against cigarette companies.

Bailey is also pals with Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, and that's getting his firm in some hot water.

Rendell gave the firm a lucrative no-bid contract to handle some pharmaceutical legal work on behalf of the state; as papers have pointed out, negotiations for that contract were going on as Bailey donated more than $90,000 to Rendell's 2006 relection campaign.

What the hell kind of state is this so-called "Pennsylvania"? Nothing like that ever occurs down here.

Like, for instance, the tobacco lawsuit Bailey had been involved in.

That was handled absolutely cleanly.

Maybe those Yankees need to learn a thing or two from us.

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