Houston Law Students Have Some Buyer's Remorse

Texas Lawyer

magazine is out with its annual survey of how students feel about their law schools. Since Houston is home to one-third of the state's nine certified law schools, there's plenty of fodder for locals.

Texas Lawyer asked students if -- assuming they could go back in time -- they would choose the same law school or go somewhere else.

South Texas and Texas Southern students, you've got some buyer's remorse on your hands.

Of course, most people who go to South Texas and TSU probably had their fingers furiously crossed hoping they'd get accepted elsewhere. But 23 percent of South Texas and a whopping 57 percent of TSU students (the highest percentage in the survey) say they'd choose a different law school if they had the chance.

The University of Houston made out slightly better -- only 13.1 percent of the students said they'd choose a different school. While that's nowhere close to the 4.8 percent of SMU, it's not that far-off from the 12.2 percent of UT.

Another note for those of us who didn't go to law school -- the average student debt upon graduation for each school was anywhere from $50,000 to almost $85,000 for St. Mary's in San Antonio.

No wonder lawyers bill the hell out of everybody.

-- Richard Connelly

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