Houston Leads Nation In Bending Over And Taking It, Study Finds

The nation is learning something new about Houston today: We're a bunch of bottoms.

Well, we are if we are gay.

Gawker has an item citing a report by a website called The Sword that compiled data on Craigslist ads for steamy M2M sex, analyzing which posters were likely to describe themselves as tops or bottoms.

(Mandatory definition for those who prefer not to think about Teh Gheys: The top giveth, and the bottom receiveth.)

Houston by far outstripped most cities in the number of bottoms advertising; more than 70 percent of all ads here were from bottoms, as opposed to New York, which had about 45 percent.

Judging from the comments of the Gawker item (Headline: "If You Live In Houston, You're Probably A Bottom"), this might have more to do with honesty than with actual sexual preferences.

"New York has the highest percentage of guys who claim to be tops but turn into needy, demanding bottoms as soon as you get them home," one commenter said, to general agreement.

So celebrate your honesty, Houston. You like to take it up the ass, and you're damn proud of it.

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Richard Connelly
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