Houston Leads The Nation In Young-Teen Moms: A Good Thing?

People are up in arms (Are people ever "down on arms"?) about a new report that shows Houston leads the nation in teen births, at least among women aged 15 or less.

Abstinence-only ain't working, we need more abstinence-only, yadda yadda yadda.

Sure, having a baby when you're 15 isn't the best choice out there. In fact it's right up there with, oh, building your NFL franchise around David Carr.

But there are some examples of very young moms who we should be grateful for. Where would we be without these five?

1. The Virgin Mary. No one knows quite how old Mary was when she sold hubby Joe the story that she'd gotten pregnant without having sex, which you gotta admit was a pretty neat bit of a sales job. Experts agree, however, that there couldn't have been too much grass on the playing field. She was 15 or so, most likely.

Her kid turned out okay, except for that part where fanatics used his name to launch crusades hundreds of years ago, or six years ago.

2. Aretha Franklin. Gave birth to a kid at 13. Went on to have a pretty good career from there.

3. Allen Iverson's Mom. Without Ann, the world would never have learned about the relevant importance of practice and the game. In spellbinding, repetitive detail.

4. The moms of Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. A world without "Lollipop" or "In Da Club"? We'll take a little teen pregnancy if we have to in order to miss that.

5. Oprah. Yes, if you have a baby at age 14 you will never, ever succeed in life. You might become a billionaire and one of the most powerful people on the planet, but is that really "success"?  

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