Houston Likes Its Caffeine Cold And Bubbly

Houston, you love your caffeine, but only when it comes cold and bubbly.

The second annual Caffeinated Cities survey came out today; it's conducted by something called HealthSaver and looks at caffeine use across the country.

The Most Caffeinated City in America? Tampa. (Huh?) Followed by Seattle (that's more like it), Chicago, New York and LA.

Houston comes in third from the top in Least Coffee Consumption, but it rules the roost in Most Cola Consumption, a category which includes regular Coke, regular Pepsi and, for some reason, Mountain Dew.

On the "least" side of things, the Least Caffeinated City is Riverside/San Bernadino, which we guess is a city. That doesn't drink much coffee. And Least Cola Consumption is New York, which we definitely know is a city.

Houston didn't rank in the Most Energy Drink Consumption, but we really have to take issue with the fact that it also didn't rank in Least Energy Drink Consumption.

If ever a city consumed more of something that provided the least energy, it would be the purple chopped-and-screwed hordes of drank fanciers here in Space City.

So we're calling foul on this whole thing, and we're going to go wash it down with some Mountain Dew. And purple drank.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.