Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: These Are the Maps You Need

It's coming. Soon you will be able to inhale the sweet smell of dung, fried food and amusement-ride grease as you enjoy the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

It's easy to get lost or, more likely, miss something at the Rodeo -- you can be forgiven for thinking there's not much more to it than the Midway and the concert, with some rodeo events tossed in -- but there is a ton to explore.

And even if you find the buildings or areas you didn't know existed, navigating them can be tough. Getting around Reliant Center can be a daunting maze sometimes.

Not to worry. Not only do we have a Rodeo Guide full of info, but we've got maps of all the key places. You can click to expand them and print them out, stick `em in your jeans and head on down to the bright lights.

Reliant Park

Click here for an expanded version of Reliant Park.

Here's the overall bird's-eye view of the site. The light rail will drop you off on Fannin, on the right, and the Rodeo Express bus shuttle's tent is a little south of that.

Kids Country

Click here for an expanded version of Kids Country.

Camel rides? What's a rodeo without them? There's also a petting zoo and -- for the hypercompetitive dads -- a pedal tractor pull. Start on the training regimens NOW! Fun on the Farm

Click here for an expanded version of Fun on the Farm.

An offshoot of Kids Country, here's the specifics of Fun on the Farm, a walk-along taste of the rural life.

Reliant Center

Click here for an expanded version of Reliant Center.

Whether you're trying to track down a specific competitor's pen, or you just want to know where you -- or the restrooms -- are as you wander, here's what you need for Reliant Center. Shell Show Pride

Click here for an expanded version of Shell Show Pride.

Fun fact: It's actually pretty easy to say "Shell Show Pride" 10 times fast.

Reliant Arena

Click here for an expanded version of Reliant Arena.

Not just a horse show, a place to see llamas and rabbits. And cattle getting sold.


Click here for an expanded version of AGventure.

Another relatively quiet place to take the little ones when things threaten to become too overwhelming. Be prepared to answer questions at the Birthing Center.

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