Houston Man Just Can't Keep It in His Pants

Keep it in your pants.
You would figure David Joseph Malborough would've learned the first time he was convicted for whipping his junk out, right?

This week he was arrested again on an indecent exposure charge, just a few days shy of his 31st birthday. Houston police say he exposed his penis to a woman. No word on if he was trying to rub one out this go-around.

In June 2011 he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure for masturbating in public and was sentenced to 126 days in county jail.

Houston sex crimes attorney Ned Barnett breaks down the indecent exposure violation:

Indecent exposure is a violation of § 21.08 of the Texas Penal Code. Specifically, this statute prohibits exposing body parts such as the anus or genitalia for the purpose of "arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of any person." In addition to this, the victim of indecent exposure must have been offended or alarmed by this act. Indecent exposure charges cannot stand if the exposure was consensual.

So the lesson here, kids, is that if you are going to whip your junk out in public, do it in as private a public place as possible, and make sure the person you're exposing yourself to isn't a kid, and wants to see what you're all about.

As Barnett says:

To be convicted of this offense, the state attorney will not only have to prove that you exposed yourself in a sexual way, but that you did so recklessly and without thought that the other party would be offended. This can be charged as a class B misdemeanor, although the charges and corresponding penalties are more severe for indecent exposure involving a child.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.