Houston Moral Authority Steve Hotze Compares Gays to Termites

Houston homophobic hatemonger Dr. Steve "Birth Control Makes Women Less Attractive" Hotze compared gays to termites at a conservative rally in Houston last weekend, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Hotze's entomologically suspect remarks were recorded by RightWingWatch.org, following "the second annual Stand4Truth conference," headlined by Dallas pastor and Fox News contributor Robert Jeffress.

According to the conference's schedule, some truth worth standing 4 included testimony from "ex-gays" and a presentation on the "Born That Way Hoax," and, as the Dallas newspaper pointed out, 'How LGBT groups use blacks to advance their godless agenda."

Here's what Hotze said:

"You all have been exposed to some... disconcerting information about what's been going on in our country, and how the homosexual movement has risen, infiltrated, much like — think of them like termites that get into the wood of the house and they eat away at the very moral fabric, and the foundation of our country." 

In addition to being an expert on The Gay Agenda, Hotze also appears to know a thing or two about wood, and how he likes his wood hard and strong, and not made wet and limp by excessive gobbling.  Hotze's speech suggests that he has peered deep into the world of the gays and familiarized himself with how they rise, and then infiltrate, again and again, until stringy bits of pulp and moral fabric shoot all over the place.

Someone has to guard against such a nightmare scenario. All of Texas should be grateful that Hotze is ever-vigilant, keeping his eyes on hard wood everywhere.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.