Houston Not a Gay City, Gay Magazine Declares

The Advocate, the leading national GLBT magazine, has issued a proclamation outlining the 15 gayest cities in America.

Houston isn't one of them. Yeah, yeah: lesbian mayor, Montrose, huge Pride Parade -- counts for nothing, apparently.

Cities that are gayer than Houston? Pittsburgh. St. Louis. Oakland.

Who knew?

The magazine actually put together a precociously scientific and complicated formula, involving math, that included such factors as the number of Gay.com profiles, lesbian bars and "listed officials for gay weddings within a 50-mile radius." Any city in Texas wouldn't fare too well on that one.

The gayest city in America? Not Las Vegas: That's number two. Number one is Minneapolis.

But Houston shouldn't feel too bad. New York didn't make the list either.

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Richard Connelly
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