Houston Officially Great for Businesses & Careers, If You Believe Forbes (And Who Shouldn't?)

The Forbes magazine item touting Houston as one of the 20 best U.S. cities for businesses and careers has finally gone online, available for maximum touting by the folks who tout such things.

Tout away, Mayor Annise Parker:

It's great for our city to have national recognition for something Houstonians have known all along - we're a business-friendly city with a lot to offer, such as plentiful jobs. Houston was one of the last cities to feel the economic recession of the rest of the country and the first to recover. Our population is expanding when many cities are not, because people are finding Houston is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Parker also gave a video interview with the magazine, apparently done by Skype so it has that special hostage-tape mise en scène to it.

Forbes talked to energy-company exec Chris Weston about his company's decision to move their HQ from Toronto to Houston:

Why was Houston so obvious? "You have a constellation of energy companies in Houston, and the city provides a ­stable structure with its political and regulatory commitment, which we find extremely important," says Weston, who's led the $10-billion-in-sales subsidiary of U.K.-based Centrica since 2009. Others agree. Exxon Mobil is building a 385-acre corporate campus here that will accommodate 10,000 employees. The company announced this month it was transferring 2,100 employees from Fairfax, Va., as well as 110 from Akron, Ohio, to Houston. BP and Anadarko Petroleum are consolidating U.S. operations here as well.

Houston did manage a shaky 20th position on the list, below Fort Worth-Arlington, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas.

But we'll take it.

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