Houston One Of Few Cities Seeing Increase In Retail Jobs

Houston led the nation in increasing retail jobs since 2008, but it wasn't that difficult a task since the vast majority of cities saw a decrease, according to a new study.

Houston added 4,100 retail jobs over the time period, easily besting second-place Austin, which increased by 2,400. Third place went to Buffalo, and before you say "WTF?", the city apparently has experienced an influx of Canadians coming in to take advantage of exchange rates.

Only eight out of the top 100 cities in the U.S. saw an increase in retail jobs since 2008, said the report by On Numbers, summarized here.

"The two Texas markets have been remarkably resilient despite the economic downturn...Most metros, however, are still in the retail doldrums, and none is worse off than Los Angeles, which lost 53,700 retail jobs since 2008," says the report.

We're sure this is all somehow due to Rick Perry, and if we could just elect him President the economy would grow by leaps AND bounds.

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