Houston: Only Two U.S. Cities Have More Dangerous Drivers

As you head out for your commute, keep this cheery thought in mind: You are about to hand your life over to some of the most dangerous people around: other Houstonian drivers.

Space City drivers are the third-most dangerous in the nation, according to another one of those pseudoscientific studies by Men's Health, who at least didn't call us fat and polluted this time.

The only places where it's even more risky are Dallas and, worst of the worst, St. Louis.

Men's Health looked at 100 U.S. cities. Here's the criteria:

We tabulated the rate of fatal crashes; the percentage of fatalities involving alcohol, speeding, or hit and run; and the rate of seatbelt use (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Then we factored in the average number of years between accidents (Allstate) and laws on cellphone use while driving (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and city governments).

Houston gets a big, fat F, as did Austin.

The safest city was St. Paul, Minnesota. Coming in at number three was Boston, and we've driven in Boston and we can only call BS on that one.

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