Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest: Five Best (Get It?) Reasons to Go

The Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest is this weekend, and it promises to be great.

Here are just five reasons, out of many, why you should be there:

5. To see what they've done to the "superblock" They -- and by "they" we mean Metro and property owners anxious to have this bare piece of land developed -- insist on calling the vacant lot between McGowan, Anita, Travis and Main the "Superblock." Its superpowers apparently include total immunity to development.

But with the Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest, you can see the property actually being used. Be part of modern history!!!

4. Wallow in the chance to constantly say "Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest" Copyright and branding are so damn important these days. So be sure that -- like us -- you use the entire name of the event in all conversations. Just say "registered trademark" as a substitute for "®."

It'll go something like this:

You: Hey, you wanna go to the Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest? Your pal: The what now? You: The Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest. It's the first-ever Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest, although I hope the Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest becomes an annual event. Your pal: The Bestfest? You: No -- the Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest. I've never heard of this "Bestfest" thing you're talking about, what with its non-capitalized "f" and all. Is it a registered trademark?

Later, as you take the light rail home, you can tweet "The Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest was the best!!!"

3. The acts Come on -- Cake, the Toadies, Deer Tick, Chamillionaire, Against Me!, Bun B, Hayes Carll etc., etc., etc.? You can not not be entertained.

2. The hot weather is gone Doing this in August? Probably not an overwhelmingly great idea. Doing it in late September, especially after a cold front or two has rolled through? Bring it on.

1. It's cheap, dammit Ten hours of music on Saturday (noon till 10) and eight on Sunday (noon till 8) for only 40 bucks? Can't beat that.

Click on the website for a FAQ, directions, full show line-up and ticket information.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly