Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest: TOMORROW!

The Houston Press Best of Houston® BestFest kicks off tomorrow, and you better be there.

Can you bring kids? If they're under ten, they get in for free.

Can you buy tickets on site? Yep.

Can you bring in food? No, but check out this stellar list of local restaurants with tents on site:

• Last Concert Cafe (Best Of Winner) • Freebirds World Burrito • Nu Snowflake Ice at Nu Cafe • GoodPop • Mandola's Deli • Russo's New York Pizzeria (Best Of Winner) • The Blue Fish • Sushi King • Don Julio's Mexican Restaurant • Kahn's Deli (Best Of Winner) • Rudyard's British Pub (Best Of Winner) • El Xuco Xicana (El XX) • Beaver's Houston (Best Of Winner) • Oscar's Creamery

You won't be hurting for food.

Remember, while the light rail will be shut down, Metro will have buses running parallel to the line, so you can park anywhere along it and get a lift to Midtown.

It's rain or shine, but it looks like rain won't be a problem, so enjoy the hell out of it, people.

Click here for ticket info: Only $25 for a single-day pass.

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