Houston Press Staff Writer Named a Co-Defendant in Swamplot vs. Mark Thuesen Suit

Craig Malisow of the Houston Press has been named a third-party defendant in a lawsuit that pits Swamplot against former homeowners' association president Mark Thuesen and vice versa.

On August 27, 2012, Laurence Albert, a co-founder of the real estate blog Swamplot, filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit against Mark Thuesen, the former head of 2520 Robinhood at Kirby Condominium Association, Inc.

According to the lawsuit, Albert and his wife Beth Brinsdon are seeking damages for multiple causes of action -- ranging from defamation and stalking to threat of bodily injury and trespassing -- from Thuesen regarding his alleged online attacks against Albert, who had covered the litigation between the Robinhood homeowners' association and Hans' Bierhaus, a West University bar located near the Robinhood Condominiums.

Thuesen, in turn, sued Albert. (The condo owners' association had also filed a lawsuit against Albert and Swamplot in 2011, but the suit was later dismissed.) A few weeks ago, shortly after Judge Mike Engelhart of the 151st Judicial District Court of Harris County denied Thuesen's motion for a temporary injunction, defendant/third-party plaintiff Thuesen added Malisow to the suit on January 7.

"Malisow published an online defamatory story [on August 27, 2012] about Third-Party Thuesen with allegations derived from a petition filed by Plantiffs Swamplot Industries LLC," reads the suit.

The other third-party defendants are Catherine Schoolar, Candace Garcia and Aaron Carpenter.

"The Houston Press denies Mr. Thuesen's allegations and intends a vigorous defense of our longtime reporter Craig Malisow. Essentially, he is being sued because he reported on a lawsuit, which he has, of course, every right to do," said Houston Press Editor Margaret Downing.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.