Houston Rabbi's STD iPhone App Sure to Liven Up Seders

A bunch of Jewish chicks from Houston don't want you to get an STD.

Houston rabbi Amy Weiss, along with her Initiative for Jewish Women, has created the LoveSmarts iPhone app, which might be the only app with a Space Invaders-style game where you zap the clap. (You also use a syringe, pill or ointment to do away with chlamydia, AIDS and the herp. But you're on your own when it comes to locusts, boils and the slaying of the firstborn.)

"An app that grows lesions is sure to get a young person's attention," Weiss told the Jewish iPhone Community blog.

Besides the fun -- and educational -- STD-killing game, there's also a Princeton University-designed emergency-contraception directory.

"The app is a reflection of the [Initiative for Jewish Women of Houston's] commitment to 'tikkun olam' -- repairing the world," according to the LoveSmarts site. And while the app was designed with 15-25-year-olds in mind, "the fastest-growing population to be diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections is the 40+ demographic that will also find this app helpful." (Oy vey!)

We imagine this will become a popular part of Jewish celebrations, possibly replacing the dreidel as the Chosen People's premier holiday game, and most certainly integrating itself into Passover seders, allowing youngsters to show Bubbi how to get rid of that bothersome rash.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.