Houston Ranked No. 3 on Happiest Cities for Recent College Grads List

I think it is fair to say Houstonians are a friendly lot. We say "hi" to people on the street whether we know them or not. We take in hurricane victims and wave at our neighbors. Syndicated sports talk show host Travis Rogers once explained to me how confused he was when a total stranger started up a conversation with him in line at a grocery store right after he moved here. A friend of mine, after moving here from the Northeast, said she was suspicious of a cashier's motivations when she said, "Have a nice day!" with sincerity.

It's just sort of who we are, which is why no one will find it surprising that company review and career Web site CareerBliss.com ranked Houston No. 3 on its list of happiest cities for job-seeking college graduates. What is a bit surprising is that Houston is, by far, the largest city on the list.

The data was compiled for an article in Forbes Magazine through an analysis of over 7,800 reviews by young professionals on what makes for a happy work environment.

Cities like Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, St. George, Utah (which was No. 1), and Charlotte seem like obvious choices with the surrounding scenery, but Detroit also made the list to go with Houston, San Jose and Pittsburgh. Only St. George and Charlotte were ranked higher than Houston.

So, if you are looking for a friendly place to hang your hat, we can certainly verify that Houston is the place. It might not have the scenic views of San Francisco or the weather of San Diego, but the money is good, the living is cheap and the queso is, well, bliss.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.