Houston Roller Derby Is Back In Business -- The Business of Hurting

Last month the ass-kicking gals of the Houston Roller Derby league ran into a problem -- the Houston fire marshals threw everyone out of the Kicks indoor-soccer arena where a match was being held.

Acting on a called-in complaint, HFD marshals found the crowd to be over the capacity of the facility, not to mention that Kicks didn't have a public-assembly permit.

HFD counted 1,000 or so people, and were willing to let back in the 270 or so that was Kicks' legal limit at the time, but instead the match was canceled.

Now, it's on like Donkey Kong once again.

A new match is scheduled for the facility on July 18, and this time the paperwork will be in order. Not to mention the a/c.

"KICKS sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience to HRD's fans due to either the temperature in the facility or because of the premature end of the bout," KICKS owner Tim Young said in a release from the league. "KICKS has since obtained proper permitting from the City of Houston for the rest of the season and has made upgrades in its air conditioning units. KICKS welcomes back HRD roller derby fans old and new to the facility."

Fans who can show they paid for the June match will get a seven-buck discount on the July event, says Houston Roller Derby spokeswoman Scarlet O'Hurtya, who comes no doubt from a long line of O'Hurtyas.

You can park for free and get a shuttle service from the High School for Criminal Justice, which is a couple blocks south of Kicks on Shepherd.

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