Houston Roller Derby Lands Spot in International Division 1 Playoffs

If you've never seen a Houston Roller Derby match, you are missing a spectacle. It's one of the more intense and fun events you could attend. And now the all-stars of Houston Roller Derby will get to test their skills against the best flat-track competitors in the world at the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Division 1 Playoffs this September in Evansville, Indiana.

The playoffs include teams from nine different U.S. cities and London, England. Houston has been ranked a nine seed, and if seeding in these playoffs is anything like it is in other tournaments, that would match the team up against the Texas Rollergirls from Austin right off the bat.

The playoffs and championship rounds will run for seven weekends, and the ultimate winner will take home the Hydra trophy, the sport's highest honor.

The seeding is as follows:

1. London Rollergirls, London, England, UK 2. Texas Rollergirls, Austin, TX, USA 3. Windy City Rollers, Chicago, IL, USA 4. Jacksonville Rollergirls, Jacksonville, FL, USA 5. Ohio Roller Derby, Columbus, OH, USA 6. Toronto Roller Derby, Toronto, ON, Canada 7. Steel City Roller Derby, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 8. Nashville Rollergirls, Nashville, TN, USA 9. Houston Roller Derby, Houston, TX, USA 10. Arizona Roller Derby, Phoenix, AZ, USA

While we all want to cheer them on, I'm guessing the majority of us can't make the trek to Indiana to watch in person. Not to worry, however, as the games will be broadcast live on WFTDA.tv.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.