Houston Snowmen: A Somewhat Hit-or-Miss Kind of Thing

With snow on the way, snowmen will be made.

Houston has some experience with making them, but as for quality -- kinda shaky.

Can you do better than these six Houston snowmen? Send us your pictures and let us know.

6. The Bell Is About to Toll for Thee If you're a snowman surrounded by fields of green, your time on this earth is growing very short. This dude seems to realize that, judging by the look on his face.

5. Pyramid Man Come on people, there's a little more to making a snowman than just pushing some stuff into a pile.

4. She Looks Scared Or very relieved that this gigantic monster doesn't have arms. Mucho style points for height alone

3. Let the Humping Begin This looks like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in action, but the snow(wo)man seems to be enjoying it.

2. Drive-Thru Snowman If it weren't for the eyes and buttons, this would be the least effort ever put into a snowman.

1. What, Me Worry? As we said before, if you're surrounded by green, get your affairs in order. Or always look on the bright side of life, like this guy.


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