A Waller County officer with a rescued dog.
A Waller County officer with a rescued dog.

Houston SPCA Suddenly Has 200 Small Dogs to Care for, Give Away

The Houston SPCA is going to be needing help very soon getting about 200 small dogs adopted after a massive haul from a Waller County facility that was filthy and disorganized.

The owners of the facility were an elderly couple "who became overwhelmed by all the dogs" and voluntarily called authorities, Fox 26 reports. They won't face charges.

But the HSPCA faces a challenge. The group says the dogs "have a combination of internal and/or external parasites and moderate to severe skin conditions" and need to be treated, but then they need to be adopted.

"The dogs are all small breeds and include Shih Tzus, Boston Terriers, Dachshunds and other mixed-breed small dogs," the HSPCA says.

"The goal of the Houston SPCA is to save as many of the dogs as possible by working with our dedicated teams of foster families, adoption partners and members of the community interested in helping to give them a second chance at the life they deserve," the group says.

More urgently, they need volunteers. "Volunteer groomers are needed because many of the dogs are matted and covered with feces and urine," the group says.

The dogs will begin to be available for adoption May 21.

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