Houston Speed Traps Caught on Film



and the

Bayou City Madman

, we learned of a guy calling homself erickonphoenix, who has a Youtube


devoted to his testing of detection devices that are supposed to help you elude speed traps.

The channel includes this great video that shows one fine day where an unmarked HPD car was nailing speeders, then calling ahead so colleagues could pull the victims over. (Yeah, we said victims.)

IN one short stretch of the Southwest Freeway, five HPD cars are seen pulled over, writing money-making tickets on hapless victims. (Yes, dammit we said hapless this time.)

Erickonphoenix tells Hair Balls that he began stocking his Corvette with video, laser jammer and radar detectors a few years ago, "after discovering clandestine speeding operations in the city." Which is a nice way, we suppose, to say "speed traps."

He ran the camera every day for a year; he also added a police scanner to his repertoire.

"In short, the results were amazing," he says. He counted 29 saves out of 31

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