Houston Stays Alive In Bid To Host Some World Cup Games

A few years ago, Houston memorably (and hilariously) pushed hard to host a Summer Olympics. It had as much chance of landing one as it did a Winter Olympics, but the effort persevered nonetheless.

We seem to have a better shot, however, at seeing some World Cup (that's soccer, you xenophobes) action.

The U.S. is putting together a bid to host the Biggest Tournament In The World in either 2018 or 2022, and as part of the process they have to list potential stadiums to be used for the games.

Today they eliminated a dozen or so sites that had asked to be considered, and kept alive the hopes of about three dozen others. Houston is in the happy second group.

Reliant Stadium is the facility we're talking about, of course, not the planned Dynamo stadium which would seat only 20,000 or so. World Cup venues need to be bigger than that.

The Alamodome in San Antonio didn't make the cut, but Jerry Jones' BillionDome in Arlington did. Some experts think that ostentatious monument to conspicuous consumption might win the honor of hosting the championship game. (The eyes of the world turned to....Strip shopping malls in a bland Texas suburb?)

Needless to say, it'd be a kick (ha-ha!) to host a World Cup game, and the fanatics who attend them.

Almost as much fun as a Summer Olympics, we're sure.

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