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POLL: 95 Percent of Houston Texan Fans Approve of Texans 2022 Draft Class

Now let's see what the head coach can do with what the GM has added to the team.
Now let's see what the head coach can do with what the GM has added to the team. Photo by Sean Pendergast
It's been over a week now since the Houston Texans made LSU cornerback Derek Stingley, Jr. and Texas A&M guard Kenyon Green the newest Texans first round picks. They followed that up with two solid days of sensible moves and intriguing draft selections. The end result was a nine man class that the organization and the fans can be proud of and excited about:
A week removed from the draft, I am still finding myself writing and saying a lot of words about last week's draft, and I think this effusiveness boils down to one simple thing β€” it's been a long, LONG time since Texan fans could feel so universally positive about something Texans-related. So forgive me, but I am going to continue to ride this wave, especially with seemingly every mock draft for NEXT spring forecasting the Texans to pick first overall. That's another topic for another time.

To that end, how can we quantify the positive feelings and great vibes of Texans fans? Well, with a Twitter poll, of course! With nearly 2,000 Twitter followers of mine (which inherently means most fo them are Houston-based or Houston sports fans) weighing in, check out the overwhelmingly joyous reaction and good grades for Nick Caserio's draft:
So if we are to take "A" and "B" and couch them as at least "good" grades ("A" is a great grade, honestly), then this means that nearly 95 percent of Texan fans are feeling good about the Texans' draft, and in turn, about GM Nick Caserio. When was the last time the Texans' fan base felt nearly universally positive about anything?

Would you like me to put some Twitter faces behind these poll results? Sure you do, and I am happy to do so. Here we go, starting with Texans diehard Lindsey:
For the record, if you express any narrative in "remastered WWE footage" form, it WILL get retweeted by me. Now you know:
The people give thanks and praise to Deshaun Watson for agitating for a trade, and still managing to be worth three first round picks, despite his being sued by 22 woman for sexual misconduct in a massage setting:
Easily, the most popular rookie in this class seems to be Florida running back Dameon Pierce. Memo to young players β€” yeah, it's a penalty to keep running in a play after your helmet comes off, but my God, it will make you popular with fans everywhere:
Finally, just some garden variety praise for Nick Caserio, the draft picks themselves, and the Texans' organization. Again, I want to savor this moment!

Whether it's the quality of the players, the methodology with which Nick Caserio acquired them (sensible trades, etc.), or just a desire to finally stop feeling negative, the Houston Texans seem to have turned a bit of a corner in the public perception realm.

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