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Houston Texans Finalize 53 Man Roster (For Now)

Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryans have made final decisions on the 53 man roster.
Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryans have made final decisions on the 53 man roster. Photo by Jack Gorman
For the Houston Texans players, the preseason is over, and after a couple practices this week, the players who make the team will get a few days off before the hardcore preparation for the Baltimore Ravens as Week 1 commences. However, for the last few days, the work has continued inside the building, with GM Nick Caserio and head coach DeMeco Ryans trimming the roster down to 53 players.

Getting a job on a 53 man roster in the NFL is a real accomplishment. For many of the players in the graphic below, this is the culmination of years of preparation and gallons of sweat. That said, the roster is a fluid organism throughout the season, so several of these players shouldn't get too comfortable. We could see changes as early as Wednesday night after the Texans have picked through the waiver wire discards of the 31 other NFL teams.

For now, here are your 2023 Houston Texans, in the tweet belwo:
Okay, here are four thoughts on this roster:

Wait, who is Kendrick Green?
Good question, Texan fan!  He is an offensive lineman, formerly a Pittsburgh Steeler, for whom the Texans traded a 6th round pick in 2025 to the Steelers:
Green was a third round pick in 2021, and started 15 games at center as a rookie that season, while earning a dismal 53.1 grade on Pro Football Focus. In 2022, he was moved to guard, and was game day inactive for all 17 games. With Kenyon Green and Juice Scruggs both banged up, Green could see action early on this season.

Hey, what happened to the OTHER "Ken Green," second year guard Kenyon Green?
Well, it's been quite the NFL journey for the guard out of A&M, and most of has involved injury and underperformance. It was obvious that Green's current status was some form of shaky during Sunday's game in New Orleans, when he was still playing with the backups in the second half of the game. Green was a starter all last season. He looked awful against the Saints, and as it turns out, one of the reasons may have been a bum shoulder. The Texans placed Green on injured reserve Tuesday afternoon. He is finished for the 2023 season, which is probably for the best. Green can now get completely healthy, have a normal offseason in 2024, and hopefully live up to the promise of a first round pick next season.

Nick Caserio finally had to cut loose some of his own draft picks
It took a few years, but Caserio finally chose to say goodbye to a few players that he actually handpicked in an NFL Draft. Two players from the five-man 2021 draft class were cut loose — linebacker Garret Wallow and defensive tackle Roy Lopez. Also, two players from the 2022 class were let go — defensive tackle Thomas Booker and offensive tackle Austin Deculus. One 2023 draftee, safety Brandon Hill, was waived. To be clear, I don't think Caserio was keeping all these guys around in previous seasons because of emotional attachment. The team just wasn't very good in 2022. Now, there is new blood in the building, and better solutions available on the waiver wire.

The most surprising veteran cuts
Of the former Caserio draft picks released, Lopez was certainly the biggest surprise, as he has actually started several games over the last couple seasons. However, the more surprising veteran cut was cornerback Desmond King, whose release from the team was actually reported on Monday night, and acknowledged by King on Twitter:
Waiver pickups can be made starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow. I would expect that at least three or four of the names in the above roster graphic will be gone by the end of the day, as the Texans are picking second in the waiver claim order. More upgrades are on the way!

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