Houston Texans - Kubiak Believes In Bush (and #Kubiakbelievesinyou)

"I believe in him (defensive coordinator Frank Bush). I think we played much better defense. I think if we finished the game, we'd be talking about how much better we were. There were a lot of good things that went on. I believe in the guy. That's why he's here with me. We'll figure out a way to get it done." -- Gary Kubiak, 11/22/10 press conference

There were a lot of good things that happened. And the band on the Titanic played some pretty sweet tunes.

Another Monday, another Gary Kubiak press conference where he talked about the resilience of his bunch of "kids" (true, by the way, they do battle, fight, and battlefight), how he needs to get better as a coach (one gajillion percent true), how he's going to get this fixed (still not fixed 74 games in) and how they just have to go back to work (all righty then).

Oh, and he believes in Frank Bush.

Last week, Kubiak went so far as to say that Bush was doing a great job. A defensive coordinator whose group is on pace to give up a record number of passing yards in a season, whose group hasn't allowed under 24 points in a game yet this season, and whose group actually looks even more clueless to the naked eye than the statistics would indicate is doing a "great job."

I had a Twitter follower put it best yesterday -- "I wish Kubiak were my boss."

And if you like having it easy at work, having the comfort of knowing that a solid D+ (or in the case of Bush, a scorching hot F) is going to keep you employed, then Camp Kubiak is your place.

It begs the question, if Gary Kubiak believes in Frank Bush, what doesn't Gary Kubiak believe in? As tends to happen with topics like this -- topics that are made to be doused in sarcasm and sopped up by social media -- the 1560 The Game family (last night, during the Nuno and Raheel "Morning Show at Night") started in, all of them naming other Frank Bushian things that Gary Kubiak indeed does believe in.

The end result was a few thousand tweets with the hashtag #Kubiakbelievesinyou. (For the non-Twitter eductaed a hashtag is a phrase preceded by a number sign that people put into their tweets to distinguish it as being part of a topic. Makes for easy searching, especially for lazy bloggers with nothing to write about on a Tuesday.)

The genesis of #Kubiakbelievesinyou is a bit nebulous but it is believed to have been started by a tweeter named @TXCleaver. (I love how the genesis of a Twitter string that popped up less than 24 hours ago is discussed in the same terms as discovering a mathematical theorem or the formation of tectonic plates.)

In my final money shot of laziness this Tuesday, I give you a smattering of #Kubiakbelievesinyou tweets from last night. If you want to see more, search #Kubiakbelievesinyou on Twitter and while you're there follow me @SeanCablinasian.

Here you go....

@The_Raheel: Guy getting caught twice in one episode on To Catch A Predator #kubiakbelievesinyou @silvestex: ObamaCare #KubiakBelievesInYou @TheGridironTxn: Brad Childress #KubiakBelievesInYou @jpena72: Bo Pelini's anger management coach. #kubiakbelievesinyou @SeanINCypress: Bert and Ernie are just friends #KubiakBelievesInYou @inlawsgohome: My in-laws' two month visit will actually only last for two months. #KubiakBelievesInYou @texaslippy: "Sure, Charlie Sheen! Going up to your room sounds like a great idea!!" #kubiakbelievesinyou @luis_guerra: Sex in a bathtub. #kubiakbelievesinyou @HoustonDiehards: NBC's Outsourced, #KubiakBelievesInYou @CockShittington: That episode of Webster when he thought the house was haunted. #KubiakBelievesInYou @russellwing: Sun Belt Conference #KubiakBelievesInYou @ssenn12: Eddie murphy's and Don Johnson's vocal talent. #kubiakbelievesinyou @MikeP713: Stuart Scott's left eye. #kubiakbelievesinyou

@SportsMonkey: Rich Lords belt..... #KubiakBelievesInYou @htownmusiclova: Rockets trade Rudy Gay for Shane Battier because Shane fits the algorithms in Daryl Morey's statistics for the Rockets. #KubiakBelievesInYou

@amyzann: Multiple orgasms #Kubiakbelievesinyou @riversmccown: Matt Maloney's long-term contract #kubiakbelievesinyou @robin_glover: Charles Barkley's golf swing #Kubiakbelievesinyou @amyzann: Onelgged strippers #Kubiakbelievesinyou @radioyoj: Shake Weight #KubiakBelievesInYou @adamclanton: Senior citizen drivers on the freeway. #Kubiakbelievesinyou @amyzann: Jorts #Kubiakbelievesinyou @N0b1e: New Orleans' levees #kubiakbelievesinyou @ho_chen: LeBron's advisors #KubiakBelievesInYou @KEOspeedwagon: McRib and a diet coke #KubiakBelievesInYou

....and finally the random #Kubiakbelievesinyou tweet that made me laugh disproportionately hard.... @Steve_Newton: Jar Jar Binks #KubiakBelievesInYou

Did we just compare Frank Bush to Jar Jar Binks? I think we did.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.