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Houston Texans Announce 2024 Training Camp Dates -- What You Need to Know

The Houston Texans have announced their dates for 2024 training camp.
The Houston Texans have announced their dates for 2024 training camp. Photo by Sean Pendergast
Amidst the sweltering heat, relentless humidity, and the borderline tropical storm du jour, as June winds down, you can smell it in the air. The most anticipated training camp in the history of the Houston Texans is almost here.

Tuesday morning, the Texans laid out the dates for camp, exactly one month before the gates open for the media, and a month and five days before they open for the ticket-holding general public.

Getting admittance into Texans training camp this year will be unlike anything we've seen in at least five years, maybe longer. This team is one of the hottest commodities in the NFL right now. Whether they deserve to be is a separate topic, but the fact is that they are. With that in mind, here are the things you need to know about Houston Texans training camp:

Everything starts a week earlier than normal, thanks Andre Johnson!
If you're seeing July 18 as the start date for camp, and you're saying to yourself "Wow, that feels awfully early!", then you're exactly right. It IS awfully early, and we have soon to be inducted Hall of Famer Andre Johnson to thank for that. With Johnson being part of the 2024 Hall of Fame class, the NFL has slotted the Texans and Chicago Bears as the teams participating in the Hall of Fame game on August 1, in Canton, Ohio, a week before any other teams play a preseason game. Thus, the Texans are allowed to start camp a week earlier, and they will. The players probably hate it, but for people who LOVE training camp (I'm raising my hand.) this is like Christmas getting moved up to December 18.

Here are the dates that are open to the public
If you're a Texans fan looking to go to training camp, I will repeat -- the demand for tickets is going to be insane this preseason. Season ticket holders already got their shot at tickets on Tuesday, and they open availability up to the general public on Thursday this week (details on the Houston Texans website). Here are the dates that are open to the public:
The Texans will practice in Ohio for a week, thanks AGAIN Andre Johnson!
If you're wondering why there's a massive gap in between open practices -- after July 29, there isn't another until the night practice on August 11 -- you can thank Andre Johnson again! Since the Texans play the Steelers in Pittsburgh the week after the Hall of Fame game in Canton, the team decided to stay up in Ohio and practice up there that week. It saves them having to travel back to Houston for three days, and let's face it, the weather is a whole lot more pleasant up there in the first week of August.

The Los Angeles Rams will be joining us for a joint practice!
One of the best things about the hiring of DeMeco Ryans is that he LOVES joint practices with other teams. We had the Dolphins in town last season, and now this preseason, the Texans will practice with the Los Angeles Rams on August 22, in advance of the game between the two teams later that weekend. This should be fun getting an up close look at Offensive Rookie of the Year runner up Puka Nacua, wide receiver Cooper Krupp, and aging legend QB Matthew Stafford.

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