Houston Texans: Shouldn't The Most Popular Team Win Something?

So the argument being made by Richard Justice and the Houston Chronicle is that Houston has once again become a football town. It's not really hard to argue with this, thanks to the Astros being so damn bad, and all. But that aside, the question needs to be asked, why?

According to Justice, the Texans are the number one professional football team in the hearts and minds of Houstonians, and as such, that has returned Houston to football-town status. (I would argue that if you're talking about a professional team turning this city into a football town, then you have to give the credit to the Texas Longhorns.)  But what, really, have the Texans done to earn the status of the number one professional team in Houston?

They've yet to make the playoffs. Last year was the first winning season in team history, and they were lucky to get that. If you look up mediocre in the dictionary, you'll see a photo of the Texans logo. Shouldn't a team actually accomplish something before it becomes the number one team in the city?

I can understand why the Astros are no longer the number one team in the city. They suck this year. They sucked last year. They'll suck next year. But the team has actually accomplished a few things, including making the World Series in 2005. When's the last time the Texans have done something like that? Oh, that's right. Never.

The Texans have yet to actually win a game of importance, and whenever the Tennessee Titans come into town, you'll see as many Titans jerseys inside of Reliant Stadium as you will Texans jerseys. So it's not exactly like the populace of the city is exactly devoted to the Texans. Then again, when the Astros play the Cubs next week there will probably be more Cubs fans inside of Minute Maid Park than there will be Astros fans.

But why don't the Rockets rank higher? They're only team in the city to win a major world title, and they've done it twice. The Rockets are the only team in the city with an owner who seems to care about winning, who hires really smart people to run his team, and who stays out of the way and lets them make those decisions. But last year, coming off a playoff season, the Rockets had only the 19th-best attendance in the NBA and played to below-capacity crowds.  

The fan equation is messed up. The Rockets win games. They have made playoff games in their recent past. Yet they can't sell out. The Texans, who have yet to get anywhere close to the playoffs, much less get close to playing an actual meaningful game in December, are still selling out every game, and, supposedly, the number one team in the city.

Then there's the Houston Dynamo. Justice has them ranked number four. Now I've admitted in the past to not being much of a soccer fan, but, really, come on people. The Dynamo have done a few things that the Texans have never done, like win meaningful games. They've won a couple of titles. What exactly have the Texans done, besides give employment to Denver Bronco rejects and failures?

So again, I ask, why? Why are the Texans getting this support? What have they done besides defeat the Dallas Cowboys in the team's very first regular-season game to earn this support? It seems that a team really should have actually accomplished something in order to earn the level of support the Texans are supposed to have.

Go ahead, I guess. Make the Texans the number one professional team in the city. Make Houston a football town again. But maybe you should think about actually supporting some teams that deserve it, the Houston Rockets and the Houston Dynamo. 

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