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Houston Texans WR Jaelen Strong Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Last Thursday, during his media session at the NFL Scouting Combine, Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien was asked about a handful of topics. Most of the questions were related to the team's vacancy at the quarterback position (and, more specifically, how Penn State's Christian Hackenberg fits in that vacancy), but a few other select members of the team were asked about.

Of course, there was a J.J. Watt question (a prerequisite for any Texans-related presser), there was a "future of Arian Foster" question and, amazingly, there was a Jaelen Strong question! Moreover, Bill O'Brien had nice things to say about the soon-to-be second-year wide receiver, going so far as to declare that he has a "really good future":

"He came into rookie minicamp right after the draft...a little bit out of shape, little bit overweight," O'Brien said. "You know we mentioned it to him a few times, and he really took it upon himself to get in better condition, to lose weight, to learn our offense, and by the end of the year, he was playing pretty well for us and we believe that he has a really good future for us."

Well, over the weekend, that future became somewhat clouded...with marijuana smoke.

As first reported by ABC 15 in Phoenix, Strong, who played collegiately at Arizona State, and two others (including another NFL player) were pulled over in a black Maserati on Sunday night, and Strong was arrested for possession of marijuana without a medical card:

Jaelen Strong, who played for Arizona State University, was arrested Sunday before midnight while riding in a black Maserati near 5th Avenue and Drinkwater Boulevard.

Officers stopped the car for having no visible license plates and found Damarious Randall, a Green Bay Packers cornerback and former ASU player, driving the car. Strong and another passenger were inside.

A heavy smell of marijuana was coming from inside the car and Strong admitted to having marijuana without a medical card. He gave police a cigar box with three marijuana cigarettes inside.

Strong was booked into Scottsdale jail and later released. Police say Randall and the other individual were released at the scene.

Texans GM Rick Smith issued this statement on Monday afternoon:

What this means is three things:

1. In 2012, Texans owner Bob McNair did an interview with Tania Ganguli (at that time with the Houston Chronicle) in which he outlined his views on players with character issues:

"There are three things that are unacceptable to us," owner Bob McNair said. "Someone who abuses women; we don't put up with that. People who do that are just a bully. Bullies are usually not courageous when they're facing someone as strong as they are.

"The second thing is if there's been substance abuse. That can become a habit, and they might bring that habit with them. I'm not talking about someone who smoked marijuana. I'm talking about a persistent user of drugs. We take them off the list.

"The third thing is someone who rebels against authority. We have a very strong chain of command. Our coaches don't want to have a debate with a player every time they tell him to do something."

This will obviously put that to the test.

2. Strong is now in danger of being moved to the level of drug offender under which the NFL would randomly test him throughout the season, which certainly casts a dark cloud over Strong and, in turn, the Texans' wide receiver depth chart with the guillotine of a drug-induced suspension constantly hanging over Strong's head.

3. The Fantasy Crime League has another entry! Two of the three scorers so far are a current Texan and a former Texan. What in the blue hell is going on??


(SCORING Misdemeanor, 1 point per count; Felony, 3 points per count; Murder, 10 points per count)

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