Houston -- The Baby Name Of 2009

Now that 2008 is over, we can finally determine what the most popular baby names of the year were.

BabyCenter.com is on the job and reports the most popular name for girls was Emma and for boys it was Aiden. (We're suspicious of any such list that doesn't have "Juan" high up there, but whatever.)

Among the horror-show names on each gender's Top 10 were Addison and Logan (we'll let you guess which gender is which), but things might get worse. Very worse.

In 2009, one parenting website predicts, parents will start naming their kids Houston.

Parents.com's list of Best Baby Names 2009 includes a trend it calls "jet-setting," where boys will be named Houston, Brooklyn or Denver and girls will be tagged London, Kenya or Aspen.

Good Lord. (And in New York, no doubt, they'll take pains to make sure everyone knows their kid's name is pronounced "How-ston.")

We can only hope this trend continues, and trendy parents who think "Houston" has become too common begin to explore other placenames from around here.

"Baytown, you get off that swing RIGHT NOW!! Hurry up -- we're going to go meet Fifth Ward and Meyerland, and then we're going over Sugarland's house!! Won't that be fun?"

-- Richard Connelly


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