Houston Third Most Stressed Out City? It's Probably Because of All the Awesomeness

We've known around here that Houston is a pretty great city, but we had no idea that greatness comes with a price. Namely, stress.

Yes, Houston has been named third most stressed city in America, according to a survey conducted by the folks over at neuro drink (which is some kind of a "mood enhancer" that seems to be pretty much what it sounds like.)

The survey was conducted among 1,200 consumers, and Houston was ranked behind Detroit and New York City and tied with Chicago for stress. And yes, for those keeping score, this is another thing we beat both Austin and Dallas on; they were ranked 7 and 10, respectively.

The highly scientific survey doesn't offer any particular reason why consumers felt that Houston is all stressy, though it seems likely that whoever was asked might have been stuck in gridlock traffic at some point in life, since that is both stressful and a part of the Houston experience.

In the more general parts of the questions, people said they felt distracted by having lots of different things pulling for their attention. Maybe they meant like in the way of family and life, but if they're talking about the sheer number of things to do, then we so get where they're coming from. Having a lot of choices is totally a thing that makes for worry lines and a need for antacids.

Half the people surveyed also said that they spend nearly half their days stressed out. Even sadder, only about 9 percent of the day is spent being happy. Which kind of makes us want to go buy all these people a puppy, but we'll hold off.

Houston has been coming up in the world, with all kinds of publications and people acknowledging our greatness. Even in stress, we so did better than Dallas.

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