Houston to Lead the Way, Sort of, in Plug-In Electric Vehicles

A new study of projected sales of plug-in electric vehicles shows Houston to be among the leading "early adopters" in the country, but far below places like California and New York.

The study by Pike Research examined demographics, planned manufacturer rollout schedules of the cars and attitudes towards the fancy-schmancy little things.

The results show Houston will be among cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia in terms of larger-than-average sales of the cars over the next six years.

The study also looked at whether local power suppliers are going to be ready for the increased demands on the grid.

"New York and California will have the most access to EVs over the coming decade--so by 2017, EVs will make up 5.4 percent of new vehicle sales in California and 3.7 percent of sales in New York," Fast Company says in its analysis of the study.

Houston, of course, has been pushing the idea of the electric cars here.

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