The "gift" that keeps giving
The "gift" that keeps giving

Houston, We Have A....Well, Let's Look At What The Cliche Is Giving Us Recently

"Houston, we have a problem," as many (most?) Houstonians know, is not what was said on Apollo 13.

"Houston, we've had a problem" is the actual quote. But that wasn't deemed dramatic enough for fiction, so changes were made, much to the relief of headline writers, newspaper reporters and bloggers everywhere, who -- 40 years on -- still continue to pound the hoary cliche to death.

So let's take a look at what Houston has "had" recently:

1. "Houston, We Have a Program": It's the Fourth Annual Inventors Show!! Unfortunately, they don't involve themselves with inventing new ways to say things.

2. "Houston, we have a social networking problem": Extra points taken off because this is from, which should have retired the phrase a long, long time ago.

3. "Houston, we have a problem. Uncooked meat!": Ninth graf. About a McDonald's in Washington, D.C. Granted, it was at the Air & Space Museum, but still. It's your problem, lady, not ours.

4. "Houston, we have a (housing affordability) problem": We may, but the article with this headline concerned problems in New Zealand.

5. "Houston, we have a very expensive problem": Number eight on the list. At least it deals with space, although it deals with an incident from 1962, before the Johnson Space Center opened.

These are all just from the past month. We're sure we'll be gifted with many more things in the months to come.


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