Houston, We Have Other Problems

We all know the story by now: the City of Houston passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which would crack down on LGBT discrimination across the city, and then a group of Christians then sued the city. Last week, news broke that the city then subpoenaed pastors that, while vehemently critical of the ordinance, aren't parties to the current lawsuit against the city.

And then, Twitter exploded.

Parker attempted to rectify the situation by narrowing the subpoena (sort of) on Friday, but not before angering people across the country, who then lashed out against the mayor on Twitter.

Faith Driven Consumer, the same group that made #IStandWithPhil -- which eventually allowed Phil Robertson to remain on Duck Dynasty -- a trending hashtag, is now coming to the Houston pastors' rescue. The campaign, #HoustonWeHaveAProblem, calls for Houston officials to "cease and desist all bullying and other offensive actions."

Shortly after the campaign launched, Twitter blocked it, further inciting the Christian advocates. Currently, Twitter has seemingly lifted the ban and supporters can use the #HoustonWeHaveAProblem and link to www.houstonproblem.com without being shut down.

While Faith Driven Consumer and other religious folks think the subpoenaing-pastors-thing is a serious problem, Houston undoubtedly faces many other problems on a daily basis. Here are five other issues that might also -- or maybe even more so -- warrant the #HoustonWeHaveAProblem campaign.

5. Human trafficking Officials have long declared that Houston is a hub for human trafficking. They say trafficking thrives in Houston's booming economy and big city environment, attracts susceptible immigrants and runaways.

4. Homelessness Houston Homeless Court averages more than 5,000 people on any given night who are homeless -- and only about 3,000 a night are able to be sheltered.

3. It's dangerous to walk here According to research by Smart Growth America, Houston is among the top 10 deadliest cities for pedestrians, with more than 1,000 deaths from 2003 to 2012. 2. Ebola Ebola is now 240 miles from us... for now. Our hospitals are already prepping.

1. Pollution Houston and The Woodlands made the list of most polluted American cities. So, in addition to being humid and bad for your hair style, the air is also bad for you.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.